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Ktunaxa knowledge holder looking towards the sun

History & Heritage

Proud Resurgence of the Ktunaxa Nation

With over 10,000 years of history in the region, the Ktunaxa people are resilient, proud and we have a unique culture to celebrate. Standing on our traditional territory, following a dark period of our history, we powerfully chose to reclaim the Mission building as a way forward, a place for learning and economic development for our future generations. 

With breathtaking views of the valley to the historic photos that line the red brick walls, so many of our settings offer guests an opportunity to reflect and take in the area. We look forward to having you.

Ktunaxa women

Ktunaxa History

Renowned for our horsemanship and canoe-making, the Ktunaxa people lived closely with the land. We followed migration cycles across the Rocky Mountains and on the Great Plains, passing knowledge and stories down for generations.

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Indigenous children working in a farm field

Residential School History

A dark chapter in our history, the St. Eugene Mission operated as a farm school for Indigenous children throughout the region. Much was taken from us at this time however we are reclaiming our culture and carving a new way forward.

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Aerial with teepee
Fischer Peak

Creation Story

The story of our Creation has been passed down orally from our elders for thousands of years. Discover how the people became keepers of the land and the spirit animals ascended above and are the guiding spirits of the people.

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Ktunaxa knowledge holder

Ktunaxa Language

Known as a cultural isolate language, the Ktunaxa language is unlike any other in the world. We are working hard to preserve it for generations to come.

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Traditional drum

Indigenous Programs

Our resort offers groups and individuals a chance to enjoy the region’s beauty as well as an opportunity to learn about indigenous culture and history.

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Getting to St Eugene is easy

Getting Here

St. Eugene Resort is located within the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation in the heart of the East Kootenay Region of British Columbia.

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