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Language is more than just words
Kiʔsuʔk k̓ikiⱡ Restaurant

Below are some of the words, pronunciations and meanings that you might come across as you stay at the resort.

  • Ktunaxa - (pronounced too-nah-ha) means ”Kutenai or Kootenay”
  • Kiʔsuʔk k̓ikiⱡ - (pronounced keysook- kick-ikch) means "Good Food"
  • Numa - means “Thunder” in the Ktunaxa language
  • Kiʔsuʔk kyukyit - (pronounced Key-sook-yook-kyit) means "Welcome or Good Day"
  • Anwunikit - means "See You Later"
Ktunaxa knowledge holder

Additional Learning Resources

For those interested in learning more, there are great resources online including:

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St. Eugene Golf Course 17th hole marker

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