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Ktunaxa Culture & History

Celebrating A Rich Culture & Thousands of Years of History

St. Eugene Resort is an inspiring story of our resilient and proud nation, determined to reconnect with our past, honour the present and build a bright future. We began 10,000 years ago and carry through to modern day.

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Tipi on the St. Mary

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Tipi in the stars

Sophisticated Governance Systems

Our traditional governments and laws were sophisticated and different than today. We often had more than one Chief, as individuals with specialized skills were also honoured with the title. Being an isolate Nation, specific laws were put into place regarding marriage and family lineage. A Keeper of Knowledge knew each person’s family and ancestral history, ensuring there were enough generational gaps between the intermarriage of families.

Traditional drum

Unique Language and Storytelling

Our traditional education system was also very different. Everything was taught orally through songs and storytelling. The Ktunaxa language is known as a cultural isolate language, meaning that it is one of a kind and unrelated to any other language in the world.

Our close connection with the plants and creatures is well established throughout our oral history. We believe that we are the stewards of the land and that we have a sacred covenant with the Creator. This is told in our Creation Story and other legends that have been passed down for generations.

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Joining hands by the fire

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Tipi in the moonlight

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