Casino of the Rockies remains open during the closure of the Resort.


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Welcome to St. Eugene Resort

Ki’suk kuk’yit and Welcome,

We welcome you, your family, and your friends to the St. Eugene Resort. 

The original building of our resort was once the Kootenay Indian Residential School until it closed in 1970. It was then that Ktunaxa Nation Elder Mary Paul said that “since it was in that school that our culture was taken away, it should be there that it is taken back.” 

Using those words as inspiration, the peoples of the Ktunaxa Nation and the Shuswap Indian Band opened the golf course, casino, and hotel in the early 2000s, the KOA RV Pak in 2018, creating an exciting future for this place from its dark past. This inspiring achievement, which builds on our truth and our story, is a testament to the strength of our people, our nations, and our cultures, and to our commitment to moving forward.  

We know that in these times, people from across North America have questions about how to honour children and survivors of Indian Residential Schools in a way that is respectful and appropriate. We appreciate this and appreciate you choosing to be with us. By spending time with us at St. Eugene Resort, you not only help us to honour those children, but to build a brighter future. 

We are excited to welcome you to St. Eugene. Together, let’s build that better future.


Board of Directors for St. Eugene Resort

Chair Sophie Pierre 

Directors Rod Bateman, Dave Butler and Lorne Shovar

Owners:  ‘Aqam, ‘Akisqnuk, Shuswap Indian Band, Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi’it, Yaqan Nukiy