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Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in the East Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino is a rare jewel. A major tourism attraction, our resort is surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the area and is also a cornerstone of economic and personal success for the Ktunaxa Nation.

The original St. Eugene Mission was a stately turn-of-the-century stone building steeped in local history. In 1912, the Mission was converted to a residential school, where until 1970, 5000 local First Nations children passed through the Mission’s doors to attend classes.  The school was self-sustaining, the children were expected to work the fields, milk the cows, and contribute to all other aspects of running a dairy farm.

Today, the Pro-Shop at the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino is located in the original barn, which decades ago housed farm animals.  A little known fact about the barn is that at one point it also housed an Olympic sized swimming pool on the upper level.  It’s no wonder the structure has sustained itself so well over the past 100 years, it had to be built tough enough to house the pool.