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Our Course – Home To So Many

Throughout the past 15 years, St. Eugene has managed to create and maintain a beautiful symbiotic relationship with the wildlife that share our terrain, and it is an absolute treat when one is lucky enough to catch the magnificence of one of our neighbourly creatures on camera.

Dave Fooks managed to capture these two photographs while golfing our course in July of this year.  A muskrat, fresh from an outing in a nearby pond near Hole #14 emerged to pose just long enough for this shot to be captured, and the sweet, young fawn was photographed near the tall grass between Hole #17 and Hole #18.

Golfers shared stories of their many sightings on the St. Eugene course this season – Wild Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Painted Turtles, Canadian Geese, Elk, Moose, Black Bears, Brown Bears, a trio of Grizzly Bears and yes – many, many gophers made an appearance!