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Golfing In Autumn

The game of golf is difficult enough, but in the autumn months, the change in elements can make the game even more challenging. Throughout the autumn months, the wind can appear to swat your ball off-kilter, rain makes your grips slippery, and the cold seems to take the steam out of your shots. But if you’re properly prepared with gear, you adjust your attitude, and you’re armed with some knowledge on how to deal with unpredictable conditions, you can enjoy yourself and save a few shots!

When golfers face a stressful environment, they often tighten up. This could be because they are trying to shoot the same summer scores with the same set-up and swing. In tough conditions however, you should try to hit the ball solidly, low, with less spin. Finding the sweet spot on all shots is a must, so do less, not more.  The most important thing to consider in these cooler conditions is the effect on your body. Layer up and make sure you keep your hands warm. Rain gloves are a great invention because the wetter they get, the better they grip the club. But when it’s cold and wet, rain gloves aren’t helpful because your hands will go numb. Your priority in the rain and cold is to keep your grips and your hands dry. Keep your grips dry by any and all means possible.

St. Eugene has named October 18th the final day to golf our course this year, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our league players and guests throughout this past season. Our greens were in top notch condition when we opened on April 18th, and remained pristine throughout the summer months. So as we slowly prepare to bid adieu to golfing for another year, we are already busy preparing for next season’s opening, and yet another successful year.