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These Pesky Critters!

We recently received a TripAdvisor review from one of our valued guests who was appalled at the number of “stink bugs” that had descended upon the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino in late September. We thought it would be beneficial to take this opportunity to explain a little bit about these critters, and how those of us native to the West Kootenays have long ago come to accept the fact that, “September is stink bug season!”  The ‘Western Conifer Seed Bug’, (Leptoglossus occidentalis) is not actually a stink bug, but does emit a smelly odour when swatted or squashed (or vacuumed!), hence the confusion.

While harmless, the bug is a very unique creature, with very unique markings and an awkward crawl that makes them unmistakably identifiable.  These bugs descend upon the East & West Kootenays along with areas on the West Coast and Southern BC every Autumn, just as the leaves begin to change colour.  They are preparing to find a new home as the onset of cooler weather forces them to seek shelter – quite often in our own homes.  They also fly haphazardly (often dive bombing anyone in it’s path of flight) and find their way into every nook and cranny within your home, boat, vehicles – bascially nowhere, including St. Eugene is off-bounds to this determined insect.  The bad news is there really isn’t a solution past simply putting up with them for a few weeks – calling in an exterminator would only be beneficial if the entire southern and western parts of our province were fumigated!  The good news is, these critters only stick around the area for about a month, as they do not do well with cold weather!