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Living In Harmony

Long before we ever broke ground for the St. Eugene Golf Course, it was understood that the wetlands and the natural habitat of those that were here before us would be protected.  This is why the course which covers 327 acres has buffer zones, wetlands, ponds, and wildlife corridors.  We want to live in harmony with the several hundred different types of species that call St. Eugene home.

Over 225 species of birds have been sighted on the course throughout the past 15 years and several dozen types of wildlife.  120 acres of the course are maintained turf grass, while the remaining 207 acres are commandeered to not disrupt those living there.

Some species that have been seen and photographed over the years are; the endangered, Great Blue Heron, Bald Eagle, Badger, Townsend Long-eared bat, & Painted Turtle.