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Pet Friendly

We’re proud to be pet friendly! Please review our policies to ensure all of our guests are able to enjoy their resort experience. Pets are welcome in our designated pet rooms only; please call ahead to ensure availability.

Our pet fee is $25.00 per night excluding applicable taxes; hotel guests who choose not to register their pet(s) will be charged a $250.00 cleaning fee.

  • Please keep your pets on a leash or in a carrier while in the public and/or common areas of the resort
  • Pets are not permitted in any food and beverage areas, the Health Club or the Casino
  • Pet owners should remove their pets from the guestroom during housekeeping services or they may opt out of receiving housekeeping service while the pet is in the room
  • Pet guardians will be fully responsible for any injuries to employees or other resort guests caused by their pet as well as any lost revenue resulting from other guest complaints
  • If your pet causes damage, you will be held fully liable for the costs of repairs/replacements of any items stained and/or damaged (to resort standards)
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