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WineSpring 2019 logo, start spring with a celebration of wine, food, and wellness.


WineSpring is a wine tasting and appreciation festival taking place at St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino in Cranbrook, British Columbia. The 3rd Annual event will take place on Friday, April 5th to Sunday, April 7th, 2019.

For this festival, the resort partners with numerous wineries and vineyards from the Okanagan Valley to bring attendees the best wines that the province has to offer. Additionally, WineSpring includes events all weekend long such as a plated dinner, wine-themed classes and live entertainment, with the main tasting celebration and grand prize giveaway on the Saturday night.

St. Eugene with Fisher Peak in the background
Friday OK5 Dinner A 5 course plated dinner with exclusive wine pairings from the okanagan. Portland based americana band the Talbott Brothers

Learn what’s up-and-coming on the wine-travel scene
Discover the quintessential wine & art lovers region
Indulge your love for wine with playful travel adventures

Join Diane Manson, Travel & Cruise Consultant
from Mountain City Travel
as she shares new, classic, and unique wine-inspired journeys!

Join host David Beaudoin, British Columbia’s Cheese Poet and Canadian Cheese Ambassador on a wonderful wine and cheese pairing journey. Guests will be introduced to some of David’s must find, hard to find selection of Canadian artisan cheeses and a selection of wine from Dirty Laundry. David will embark you on an amazing journey of pairing, story telling, knowledge sharing, and a whole lot of fun. This is where you will connect with fellow human beings in sharing two of the oldest fermented and most wholesome food in the world; wine and cheese.

Love the idea of cooking with wine? Don’t blame you – it is an amazing secret ingredient. Want to learn how? Come join Sage & Savor’s Executive Chef Stephen Gilmour.

During the class he will demonstrate numerous ways for you to skillfully add wine to your recipes. All class participants will receive a bite-sized sample of each dish, complete with a wine paired perfectly with the tasting. Classes are demonstration only, no hands on cooking. Expect banter, fun, and some back and forth; questions about cooking are most welcome.

A fun & easy going beginner class of acrylic painting
guided by Keltie, with you guessed it, wine!

The journey of our vodka begins only 10km from the distillery at Schutter Farms. Father and son team, Ebgert and Ehren, work with us to grow distillery specific wheat that is the base for our award winning vodka.

Using the cleanest vodka as a starting point, we don’t flavour; we infuse, to create a line of flavourful spirits that are easy to drink and easy to share. Using real fruit and loose leaf tea, our spirits come alive. Come learn about our process, why we do what we do, and enjoy a flight of samples as we chat.


    • An incredible five-course plated dinner inspired by place & local flavour
      thoughtfully paired with wines from across the Okanagan for a full sensory experience
      & an unforgettable feast
    • Finish the evening with The Talbott Brothers, returning for a second year to serenade OK5-goers after much demand.


    • Starting at 6pm on Saturday, April 6th in the St. Eugene Pavilion
    • Sample new products from wineries, meaderies, cideries & craft spirits. We also have fun non-alcoholic selections from local tea, juice & water companies too!
    • Theme is Red, Red Wine so be sure to dress in your best RED  threads!
    • Live entertainment by amazing party band Oliver Miguel & The Revolution
    • Grand Prize Giveaway
    • Two night stay at the resort for Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th
    • Accommodations in a Lodge room (upgrades available upon request and availability)
    • Complimentary bottle of red or white wine
    • Admission to the Okanogan Five Dinner on Friday night
    • Access to all classes and seminars on Saturday
    • Entry to the Main Wine Tasting Event on Saturday night including live entertainment

Brunch not included in package




Vendors are the hoops to our barrel,
if you'd like to be a WineSpring vendor, please find & fill the form below.




Glennallyn Winery 2015
Hissy Fit 2016
Olde Orchard 2016
Cristal’s Fault 2015
Row 7 2015
Curvy Gurl 2015

Harmonious (2012)
Grüner Veltliner (2014)
Viognier (2013)
Malbec (2014)

Rosé (2016)
Unoaked Pinot Gris (2016)
Merlot (2013)
Syrah (2013)

Oak Bay Pinot Noir (2013)
Oak Bay Gamay Noir (2013)
St. Hubertus Goddess (2014)
St. Hubertus Pinotage (2014)

Earth Series Sauv Blanc 2016
Earth Series Cab Sauv 2014
End End No Return 2014
Speachless 2016
Flaunt 2016

Pinot Gris (2016)
Sauvignon Blanc (2016)
Syrah (2014)
Malbec (2014)

Chardonnay (2015)
Cabernet Franc (2014)

Viognier (2015)
Malbec (2014)

Rubeus (2014)
Pinot Noir (2014)

Tempranillo (2013)
Pinot Gris (2015)

Riesling (2015)
Chardonnay (2015)

Pinot Noir 2015
Pinot Gris 2016
Gewurztraminer 2016
Riesling 2016
Rose 2017

Pinot Gris (2015)
Portfolio (2014)

Syrah (2014)
Chardonnay (2015)

Cabernet-Merlot (2014)
Riesling (2015)

Syrah (2012)
Cabernet Sauvignon (2012)

Border Vines (2014)
Syrah (2014)

Pinot Gris (2015)
Pinot Noir Estate (2014)

Merlot (2014)
Unoaked Chardonnay (2013)

Vagabond Vodka
Limited Gin
Colossal Pink Gin
Eclipse Coffee Liqueur
Forester Single Malt Oak Aged Gin

Pinot Gris 2017
Character White Blend 2017
Rose Cab Franc 2017
Cabernet Merlot 2016
Character Red Blend 2016
Cabernet Franc 2016

Pioneer Block Riesling 2017
Silver Mane Block Riesling 2016
Rose 2017
Field Blend White 2017
Pinot Noir 2016
Cabernet Franc 2016

Pinot Gris 2017
Hee-Hee-Tel-Kin White 2016
Hee-Hee -Tel-Kin Red 2015
Pinot Noir 2015
Red Fox Rose 2017
La’p Cheet Sparkling Rose 2016

Traditional Dry Mead
Sparkling Mead
Crabby Pommier Cyser
Rocky Mountain Juniper Mead

Ortega (2015)
Kootenay Crush White (2015)
Gewürztraminer (2014)
Autumn Tryst (2015)
Devil’s Chair (2014)
Marechal Foch (2014)
Pinot Gris (2014)

Pinot Gris (2016)
Blanc de Noir (2016)
Syrah (2013)

White Knuckle (2015)
Riesling (2016)
Rosé (2016)
Cabs (2013)
Red Eye (2013)

Woo Woo Gew (2015)
Hush (2015)
Riesling (2014)
Merlot (2014)

Syrah (2014)
Chardonnay (2015)
Tre Bella (2015)

99 Merlot (2014)
Blanc Latcher (2015)
Talon (2016)
Blanc (2015)
Riesling Icewine (2015)

Chenin Blanc (2015)

Gringos Revenge
Pickled Vodka
Raspberry Vodka

Gamay (2016)
Gewürztraminer (2015)

Tipsy To Me Red (2013)
Tipsy Me Over White (2012)

Pinot Noir (2014)
Meritage (2013)

Pinot Gris (2015)
Riesling (2015)

Red Bridge Red (2014)
Beleza (2013)

Pinot Noir (2014)
Pinot Gris (2016)
Récolte Blanche (2016)
Blanc de Noir Rosé (2016)

Garden Gold (2015)
Gewürztraminer (2015)
DeJager’s Merlot (2014)
Kootenay Moments Blush (2013)
Kootenay Moments Red Romance (2014)
Kootenay Moments Easy Grey (2015)