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Celebrating the Craft

The St. Eugene Writers Conference gathers writers of all genres to work on their craft. From the person just putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to the authors of several books, the gathering celebrates our craft.

The central building at St. Eugene Resort was once the Ktunaxa residential school.5 Over the last seventeen years, the band developed a championship golf course, a casino, a 125-room hotel, an RV park and several restaurants on the property. What once stood abandoned and a darkness in their history is today a bright light providing income and skilled employment for their people. This transformation and the positive energy surrounding St. Eugene Resort create the perfect environment for improving and celebrating the craft of writing.

2019 Workshops

The writing workshop is the long established and proven method of dramatically developing writing skills. Most MFA writing programs center on the workshop. Many of us cannot take the time out of our lives to dedicate two years to a MFA or even a semester to take a conventionally offered workshop. By offering three and four day workshops, the St. Eugene Writing Conference provides a venue for writers to develop their craft without the substantial time and financial commitment of academically offered workshops.

Our faculty all have extensive workshop experience, both as participants and as leaders. The sessions are supportive and yet, at the same time, provide substantive feedback to the writer. While most writing is done “in a closet”, there comes a time when it should see the light of day. In a workshop, within a peer group of fellow writers, your writing is valued. The critique is positive and forward moving.

Fiction / Non-Fiction

May 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 2019
May 10, 11, 12, 2019

In fiction and non-fiction, the narrative is driven by strong characters and plot. This session takes portions of a writers work and workshops them to enabling the writer to see how that may be applied to the larger work.


Three-day – Anna Marie Sewell
May 10, 11, 12, 2019

Poetry is one of the earliest forms of writing. From Homer’s Odyssey to the work of Shane Koyczan, poetry strikes to the heart of the matter and carries the reader/listener along into unexpected worlds.

Anna Marie Sewell bridges the forms of poetry. She performs. She writes. She speaks. As the former Poet Lauriete of Edmonton, Anna connect with the people and creates new experiences.


Three-day – Hiro Kanagawa
May 10, 11, 12, 2019

The play on the page is a bare bones sketch. But a sketch with hints of the flesh to be filled in. The form allows for interpretation and at the same time the author’s intent carries forward.

Hiro Kanagawa brings all the elements together in a single workshop showing how to sketch, to provide the idea of the flesh and how to keep the author’s intent.


Three-day – Sioux Browning
May 10, 11, 12, 2019

For writers with a work in progress, the Manuscript Review offers a chance to workshop and polish 50-70 pages in depth. The materials must be in the hands of the instructor and class 15 days prior to the start of the session. Everyone is expected to have read and critiqued the materials by the start of the session.

By working over three days, the group will have time to critique the initial piece and rewrite a portion for a second round of workshopping.


Three-day – Keith Liggett
May 10, 11, 12, 2019

The blank page chases many an emerging writer away. Like a journey of many miles, you start with one step. In the case of writing, you start with one word. And another. And another until you have a string. And another string. Eventually, you have a story. Wow.

In Finding Your Voice, Keith takes materials from other writers to demonstrate the development of voice and character. Then he tosses it all off the cliff and says “Don’t follow them. Make your own way.”

The workshop allows the writer to experiment and delve into new material in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Two-day – Danielle Gibson
May 11, 12, 2019

The world’s filled with incredible writers from different backgrounds and ages. We celebrate them in their endeavours to create beautiful word combinations in song, fiction, plays.

Ed Sheeran. JK Rowling. William Shakespeare.

The young adult writers’ session will focus on collaboration, editing skills, and critiquing. We’ll find our own writing spaces and learn from each other and our writing styles. There will be an emphasis on every participant finding his/her voice.

Dive in. Take a chance. Join other like minded people on the amazing journey of writing.

Each year sponsors step up to help with the cost of the Youth Sessions keeping the tuition to a minimum. The tuition for the Youth Session is $50 and includes the workshop, lunch each day and the Workshop Dinner on Saturday evening.

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Workshop registration is directly through
Keith Liggett, the Workshop Director.


Early Bird tuition for the three-day workshops is $295 and includes the workshop and the Workshop Dinner on Saturday evening. Two weeks before the Workshop starts, the tuition rises to $325.

Three-day Manuscript Review Early Bird tuition is $395 and includes the workshop and the Workshop Dinner on Saturday evening. Two weeks before the Workshop starts, the tuition rises to $435.

Early Bird tuition for the six-day workshop is $695 and includes the workshop and the Workshop Dinner on Saturday evening. Two weeks before the Workshop starts, the tuition rises to $750.

St. Eugene is offering a special discounted rate of $179 a night to Workshop attendees. Please call the Front Desk at St. Eugene Resort to make your reservation 1-866-292-2020.




Anna Marie Sewell is a multidisciplinary artist, specialising in poetry; within poetry, she specialises in performance, informed by her background in theatre, love of song, and flare for improvisation. Being of Mi’gmaq/Anishinabe/Polish descent, she is fascinated by cross-cultural exchange: at present, she serves as Story Support consultant for Ancestors&Elders, a dance theatre work exploring Ukrainian/Indigenous connections on the prairies, in production by Shumka Dance for an April, 2018 debut; as a mentor for the Writers’ Guild of Alberta’s Borderlines program; and as a freelance collaborator with various groups and individuals.
Anna Marie has been an Instructor for YouthWrite for over 20 years. She spent 6 years facilitating an Adult Literacy writers’ circle. She’s taught ESL in Japan, Mexico and Canada, and currently serves on the editorial board of The Writers’ Union of Canada. Her own work can be found on and in her poetry collections, Fifth World Drum (Frontenac Press, 2009) and the forthcoming  For the Changing Moon (Thistledown Press, 2018).




Although perhaps best known as an actor, Hiro is an award-winning playwright and sought-after story consultant.  He was story editor on several critically-acclaimed Canadian television series: Da Vinci’s Inquest, Da Vinci’s City Hall, Intelligence, and Blackstone. His plays Tiger of Malaya and The Patron Saint of Stanley Park have been performed across Canada. His most recent play, Indian Arm received the 2015 Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Script and the 2017 Governor-General’s Literary Award for Drama.



Sioux Browning’s produced work has aired on CTV, The Comedy Network, Space, The New VI and the former Life Network (now Slice). She works as a story editor, script consultant and writer-for-hire for private clients, Canadian production companies and funding agencies. She also consults with novelists looking for help with structure/plotting.

Sioux teaches screenwriting and television writing for UBC’s MFA program. She lives in the Kootenays with her family.

Keith Liggett
Finding Your Voice   

Keith Liggett is a ski bum and writer. His ski writing has appeared in major ski journals and in over 75 newspapers. In 2009, Whitecap Books published Island Lake Lodge: the cookbook, which won a Gourmand Award, and went into a second printing in May 2010. like socks in the dryer, his second collection of poetry was published in 2013. The Fernie Originals, a series of profiles of Fernie businesses and essays about Fernie appeared in 2015.

Keith has led writing workshops and organized writing conferences in the United States and Canada for close to thirty years.

Keith blogs at:

Danielle Gibson
Youth Session

Danielle Gibson lives in Fernie, BC with her two kids and husband. She’s a high school language arts teacher, with experience teaching both in English and French language arts at all school levels. She has a master’s degree and has been part of writing groups for the better part of a decade. As an avid skier and hiker, her love of the outdoors helps her in the writing of her young adult fiction series.

Danielle has an agent in New York working to sell her series of three young adult novels to publishers this spring.


Celebrating the Craft
The St. Eugene Writers Workshop offers several general scholarships granted on both need and craft. All applications are evaluated as a group, but awarded first according to the parameters of the scholarship. The scholarships are for the three-day sessions.

The St. Eugene Scholarship (tuition only)

The Jeanne and Don Liggett Memorial Scholarship (tuition only)

Indigenous Scholarships
The St. Eugene Writers Workshop offers several Indigenous scholarships. For the smaller Workshop there will be one At-Large and two Ktunaxa Scholarships. For the larger Workshop, there will be one At-Large and four Ktunaxa scholarships.

Applications for scholarships close 60 days before the first day of the Workshop to be attended.

To apply for a scholarship, send the following in hard copy to:

St. Eugene Writers Conference
St. Eugene Resort
Attention: Keith Liggett
7777 Mission Rd.
Cranbrook, B.C. V1C 7E5

  1. A cover page with the applicant’s name, address, phone number and email.
  2. A brief one page cover letter stating your need, your writing background and a description of your project.
  3. For fiction/non-fiction send 10 pages of writing. This need not be a single piece, but may be several short pieces. For poetry send three to five poems of one page or less. For playwriting send a one page treatment of your project. For Finding Your Voice your cover letter will suffice as a writing sample.
  4. The submission should be in standard form—single-sided white paper, serif 12 pt. type, 1” margins all around. Pages should be numbered sequentially with the applicant’s name in the header or footer. Prose should be double spaced. Poetry single spaced with double spaces between stanzas.

Hard copies only will be accepted.

All materials must be received at St. Eugene Resort by 5PM, 60 days prior to the start of the Workshop. Late materials will not be considered. If you wish to have your materials returned, please enclose an SASE.

The scholarship awards will be made 45 days prior to the start of the Workshop and all applicants will be notified of the results by email and/or by phone, as they prefer.


Indigenous Scholarships
Celebrating the Craft


She nodded. “It’s all we are in the end. Our stories.”
Richard Wagamese, Medicine Walk

In an effort to encourage the writing craft within the aboriginal community, the St. Eugene Resort will offer a special group of Indigenous scholarships to the St. Eugene Writers Workshops The scholarships are for tuition to one of the three-day literary workshops. The individual workshops range from playwriting, poetry, fiction/non-fiction and Finding Your Voice for emerging writers. The offerings change for each Workshop. Please visit the main Workshop site to determine what will be offered at the session you wish to attend.

The scholarships include tuition and the Workshop Dinner Saturday night. Travel, lodging and all other meals are the responsibility of the attendee.

The application process and adjudication are the same as the other scholarships. Please read the instructions above and submit your application to the Resort.

Indigenous Scholarships: One At-Large literary scholarship
The St. Eugene Resort is sponsoring one scholarships for At-Large Indigenous writers. Any Indigenous writer may apply.

Ktunaxa Scholarships
St. Eugene is sponsoring two scholarships to the smaller Workshop and four scholarships to the larger Workshop for Ktunaxa Nation members. Any Ktunaxa Nation member may apply.

Ktunaxa Emerging Voices Travel Scholarship
One scholarship to cover travel expenses for a Ktunaxa aspiring writer to attend the St. Eugene Workshop. The fund is available to anyone of Ktunaxa ancestry who has not yet published a book. The travel scholarship can be accepted in conjunction with one of the Ktunaxa Tuition Scholarships. Donated by Angie Abdou, author of In Case I Go.

If you have specific questions do not hesitate to contact the Workshop Director

Keith Liggett

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Writers with books and emerging writers all benefit from the workshop setting. We will work to place you in a workshop that allows you to progress and develop at a comfortable pace.

Fiction and Non-fiction are prose genres and share many characteristics. They must have a strong narrative arc. They must have tension to lead the reader into the story. The fact that one might be ‘true” and the other “made up” has little to do with the craft of the story. In both, to engage the reader, you must tell a great story. That’s what the workshop teaches.

No. If you have not written much or are wondering which workshop to take, sign up for Keith’s Finding Your Voice workshop. The session will include guided exercises in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. At the end, you will be singing in your new voice (on the page).

If you have questions, Keith Liggett, the Conference Director will chat with you and help you determine the correct session. He’s led workshops for almost 30 years and has a great feel for how people fit into sessions together. Please contact Keith directly at

In the afternoons, before dinner, we will have discussions on literary publishing, writing a great query letter, how to find an agent an so on. The panels will be set shortly before the Conference begins. You can attend or not, but they are an interesting way to meet and discuss issues with the other participants and instructors.

One afternoon session will be on our hosts at St. Eugene Resort, the Ktunaxa. The Ktunaxa are an interesting band culturally. The oldest habituated land in Canada is in traditional Ktunaxa territory. Their language is an isolate, no known root in another language. Their traditions are a mix of woodland and prairie cultures.

There is also a wonderful Ktunaxa Interpretive Center at the Resort.

Sure. They can stay in your room for no extra charge and there are special meal and Conference Dinner tickets for purchase for guests.

Yes, but the Conference will not set up roommates. If you have a friend who wants to attend, one person would pay the tuition and lodging rate, the other only the straight tuition. This would be quite a saving over coming as a single conference attendee.

For special food needs, please write to the Conference info email with the details and we will consult with our Executive Chef on our ability to meet those requirements. In most cases, it will not be a problem.

Workshop registration is directly through Keith Liggett, the Workshop Director.

For the three-day workshop, the Early Bird Tuition is $295. Twenty days prior to the start of the workskhop the tuition rises to $325.

The Manuscript Evaluation Session is $395 and includes the workshop and the Workshop Dinner with the featured speaker on Saturday evening. Twenty days prior to the start of the workskhop the tuition rises to $435.

For the five-day workshop the tuition is $695 and includes the workshop and the Workshop Dinner with the featured speaker on Saturday evening. Twenty days prior to the start of the workskhop the tuition rises to $750.

The Youth Session tuitions is $50 and includes lunch each day and the Workshop Dinner Saturday evening.

Cancellations up to 30 days prior to the start of the worksop will receive a full refund less a $50 handing fee. After that point, cancellations will only be refunded if the spot is filled.

St. Eugene Resort offers rooms at a substantial discount to those attending the workshops. The reservatons should be made directly with the Front Desk. 1-866-292-2020. Please mention you are attending the workshop and the staff will book you at the workshop rate. You are welcome to share a room with a friend to mitigate the cost.



Substantially discounted rates for participants–$109 per night for the February Conference and $179 per night for the May Conference.
Upgrade fees apply for Premier Garden & Deluxe rooms. Applicable taxes apply.

Call our awesome Reservations Team to book your hotel stay.
 Free: 1.866.292.2020 Email:

Please mention you are attending the Conference and the staff will book you at  the Conference rate. You are welcome to share a room with a friend to mitigate the cost.


St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino is a 125-room property with an 18-hole championship golf course, the Casino of the Rockies, three dining outlets, the Ktunaxa Nation Interpretive Centre, a health club with outdoor heated pools and a spa.

With sweeping views of both the Purcell and Rocky Mountains, the 300-acre Resort in the heart of the East Kootenays provides an inspiring, one-of-a-kind environment for meetings of all sizes.

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Conveniently located in the heart of the East Kootenays in British Columbia, the Resort is just five minutes from the Canadian Rockies International Airport and only a 50-minute direct flight from Calgary or a 1.5 hour direct flight from Vancouver.


With 125 guestrooms and suites, St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino can easily accommodate conferences, retreats and events of any size. All rooms underwent a full renovation in 2013 with upgrades including new carpets, bedding, TVs, coffeemakers and new furniture.

The Resort features several room and suite styles, with 100 of those rooms in the newer Lodge building and 25 deluxe rooms in the heritage Mission building.

Standard Lodge Rooms boast new upgrades and comfort at the best possible value, with a variety of bed choices available including one king, two queens or two doubles and with some rooms featuring balconies.

Premier Garden Lodge Rooms provide guests with wonderful south-facing views of the front courtyard and gardens, all with newly upgraded amenities and with some featuring balconies. Our mid-value rooms, bed choices include one king, two queens or two doubles.

Deluxe Mission Rooms are all beautifully appointed and uniquely designed within the heritage Mission building, featuring exposed brick walls, vaulted ceilings, replaces and rounded windows. West-facing rooms enjoy expansive views of our golf course while east-facing rooms face the courtyard and gardens in front of a magni cent backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.



A community committed to providing support and assistance to our members, and writers across the province.