September 22, 2011

Follow St. Eugene on Twitter!

St. Eugene on Twitter!

St. Eugene is very excited to announce that we have now joined the Twitterverse!

If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, it is a microblogging service featuring a limit of 140 characters in length.  Twitter is the second most popular social networking site, with only Facebook boasting more users.  People use Twitter to stay up to date on news, commentaries, blog updates, and social interaction.  Unlike Facebook, where you send or receive an invitation to become “friends”, with Twitter, you just find the account and click “Follow”.  The Twitter relationship is not necessarily reciprocal, although often it will be.

If you are interested in joining us on Twitter (and, of course, following us), but are unsure of how to start, check out the following link:

Twitter Guidelines to Live By” and “What NOT to Do on Twitter”

We can’t wait to see you on Twitter!


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