October 18, 2011

Canada Cup 2011

Curling In The Rockies

With the golf season over and winter on its way, it is time to start preparing for winter sports.  With the 2011 Canada Cup of Curling taking place here in Cranbrook in a little over a month and a half (November 30th to December 4th), it seems like the perfect time to talk about curling.   

Curling is considered to be the second most popular winter sport in Canada, right after hockey.  A very social sport, curling welcomes people of all ages and abilities, even those in wheelchairs (wheelchair curling started in Europe in 1999 and came to Canada in 2001). 

Even though we tend to think of curling as very Canadian sport, it is believed to have been started in Scotland in the 1500’s.  According to the Library and Archives Canada, “Curling was brought to Canada from Scotland and some curling was played informally before 1800. The generally accepted story is that the 78th Fraser Highland Regiment melted cannonballs to make iron curling "stones" and that they curled at the city of Québec in 1759-1760.”

If you have yet to try curling, a great resource is the Canadian Curling Association.  Visit their websites ( and and you will find out everything that you have ever wanted to know about curling, as well instructional videos like the following:

Discover Curling - Getting Started for Adults


Watch the 2011 Canada Cup of Curling commercial!

Make sure to tell us about your most memorable curling experience!

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