Townsend Big-Eared Bats

November 24, 2011

The East Kootenay region is known for its incredible wildlife and St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino, situated between Cranbrook and Kimberley, BC, is no exception.  The St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino is owned by a partnership between the Ktunaxa Nation, Chippewas of Rama First Nation, and Samson Cree Nation

Our First Nation ownership affects our interaction with the environment and our relationships with our wildlife neighbours.  St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino features a 4 ½ start hotel, world class golf course, four fine dining venues, and casino nightlife, while holding the core belief that  “By becoming good stewards of the environment, people, and organizations can help to protect and sustain the land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources around them.”   

The Townsend Big-eared Bat is one of five endangered species that make their home at St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino.  The other species are the Great Blue Heron, the Bald Eagle, the Badger, and the Painted Turtle. 

A maternity colony of Townsend Big-eared Bats was discovered in 1996 during the transformation of the St. Eugene Mission into the St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino.  The discovery was the result of a survey funded by the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP).  The St. Eugene Mission colony is not only the largest colony found in British Columbia, but also the only maternity colony ever found in the interior. 

With consultation with the CBFWCP, the decision was made to incorporate a roost into the resort for the bats.  The Townsend Big-eared Bats are now secured in a remotely monitored, climate controlled roost in the attic and belfry of the historic Mission building.  The CBFWCP continues to monitor and maintain the roost. 

The British Columbia Ministry of Environment has listed the Townsend Big-eared Bats as Blue-listed.  Blue-listed species are considered vulnerable receive general protection against harassment, killing, or possession under the British Columbia Wildlife Act.

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