St. Eugene Writers Conference

April 12, 2012

St. Eugene Writers Conference Adds Publishing Seminars  

In an effort to meet the new demand for on-line and self-publishing, the St. Eugene Writers Conference will be adding two publishing seminars and a digital focused writing workshop to the initial Conference line-up. 

“Going Digital” will covert the nuts and bolts of on line publishing with Kindle, Nook and other options. The course will be both hands on and informative in how a traditional book or a new work is converted to on line use and the new forms of marketing that accompany on line publications.  Randy Morse will lead this seminar. With over 35 years in the publishing business and a successful transition from conventional to digital, Randy will cover the nuts and bolts and the more esoteric aspects of going digital.

“Publish This Book” will take writers step by step through the process of turning a manuscript into a printed work. From the initial draft, the editing, the design, the layout and make-ready for the press to the actual printing, collating and binding of the book. With the help of Rocky Mountain Printers, a Cranbrook printer becoming active in producing short run self-published books, we will be able to actually follow a book through production to the finished product.  This seminar will be team taught by Don Wik of Rocky Mountain Printing and a writer/editor. With well over 30 years as a printer, Don knows what it takes to turn a manuscript into a printed book in hand. 

In addition, Bobby Hutchinson will be leading “Romancing the Kindle”, a 3-day writing workshop combining romance writing and Kindle publishing. In this workshop she deals with both the traditional structure of the romance novel and publishing in either a conventional format or the option of publishing independently in the Kindle format. With over 50 Harlequin romances to her credit and having just completed converting 28 to digital form, Bobby is a wealth of information on both paths to the reader. 

Another change with the first Conference is the separation and re-scheduling of the Weeklong Workshops to the week of October 8-15. The Conference Director Keith Liggett said in explaining the re-scheduling of the longer workshops, “While there’s substantial interest in the week-long workshops, we found most potential participants needed more time to plan a chunk of time off. This will allow us to concentrate on the core weekend writing and publishing workshops and meet a critical informational niche for writers.” 

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